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The Full Story

The North Alabama Plein Air Group was launched by founder Sara Beth Fair in 2012 and recently restarted in 2024. It is meant to be an open-to-all painting group which meets on Thursdays from 10-12 at a pre-decided location. The focus of the group is to showcase the north Alabama area for painting sessions with like minded individuals.

"I started this group in the hopes that plein air artists would gather on a regular basis in our area, as well as encourage new artist to join. In 2012, not many artist in this area were plein air painting and the closest groups were in the Nashville and south Alabama area. Today with the plein air movement going so strong world wide, it is a lot easier to get a small group together. In addition, we are so blessed with a variety of landscapes in this area as well as historic buildings that it is so important to document them through our art and spend a couple of hours each week really looking and learning."

Group Guidelines 

  • We welcome visitors to the area, locals, inexperienced and experienced artist; anyone who wants to bring their gear and paint with us.

  • Thursdays 10-12 are the painting times but feel free to come early or stay late. We will schedule a few Saturdays occasionally so be on the lookout.

  • These are non instructed sessions exploring a variety of motifs from gardens, cityscapes, monuments, mountains, lakes, boats, farmland, animals....

  • Any medium is acceptable - sketching, watercolor, oil, etc.

  • There is no membership.

  • The locations are announced approximately one week in advance on our Facebook page and soon to be Instagram page. Please like and follow the page and check in on Wednesday or earlier for the location.

  • No RSVP is required. An event will be posted on Facebook if you would like to respond that is fine but not necessary.

  •  There is no formal meeting place, just look for other artists and where you want to work and are inspired.

  • We paint rain or shine with one person or none. Events may be cancelled if the weather shows severe storms, however, always use your best judgement as to whether it is too wet, slippery, hot or cold for you.

  • Bring all your own gear.

  • There may not be food establishments in the areas so be prepared and have water on hand.

  • There may not be bathrooms, so be prepared to find a gas station etc.

  • Finding and paying for parking is up to you, but I will try to find places where the distances are not too great.

  • Some sites will require admission fees and when applicable these will be noted.

  • I will try to be at all events but since they are weekly, I have things that come up too and travel plans so be prepared to go it alone if you are there.

Let’s Paint Together

Like our social media pages so you can stay up to date on the locations! (instagram coming soon)

February 2024 Painting Calendar

Feb 1 - downtown Huntsville, corner of Greene and Randolph

Feb 8 - Monte Sano Mtn, Huntsville, Picnic/playground area

Feb 15 - Wheeler Wildlife Refuge, Decatur, Visitor Center

Feb 22 - Ditto Landing, Huntsville, TBD

Feb 29 - Frazier Park on Cherry St, Decatur

March 2024 Painting Calendar Subject to change - check Facebook Page for updates

March 7 Old State Bank, Bank St, Decatur

March 14 - Huntsville Historic Depot

March 21- Big Spring Park, Huntsville

March 28 - Botanical Garden, Huntsville

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